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Documentary Chickpeas with Sugar

  • Short documentary Chickpeas with Sugar by Greyman Studios and Avenate Prod.

Chickpeas with Sugar (“Garbanzos con azúcar” in its original version) is a documentary short film coproduced by Greyman Studios and Avenate Producciones Audiovisuales. It tells, from a first person point of view, the story of the tragic happenings of “la desbandá”, that took place during the taking of Málaga in the Spanish Civil War. It’s a story commonly forgotten and unknown by people even in the own city. The short film has gotten numerous awards and nominations in the international film festivals scene, including “Best short documentary” in the Malaga Festival one of the most important events in Spanish film industry.


Greyman Studios took care of the illustrations and the reconstruction and processing of photographs of the time, using 3D mapping techniques that allow camera movement between a photograph’s elements.

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