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Zombrains – webseries and video game

Zombrains is now under fund rising!

The world as we know it is over, zombies are all over the planet… and they created their own society! Humans are now a bothersome plague.

Ed lives with his uncle, getting by the daily life of a teenage zombie. He and his lifelong friends (or deathlong friends?) will be joined by Valerie, a new exchange student. When a human girl infiltrates in the neighborhood, Ed secretly takes her in.

Genre: Absurd comedy

Format: Graphic adventure. Children and young people. Episodic adventure game. The project contains the first episode.

Zombrains is a Greyman Studios’ transmedia project written by Eloy Baztarrica comprising:

  • A web series consisting of 5 episodes per season, 5 minutes per episode.
  • A graphic adventure game.
  • A web site containing additional information about the fictional universe, as well as activities and events for the fans.

Project dossier in Slideshare.

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